IT & intellectual property law


Information technology has penetrated into all aspects of society. Due to its importance, it is now known as a separate branch of law. Our dedicated team advises businesses and individuals on all legal aspects of IT and ICT.

However, IT/ICT law encompasses more than just contracts. We handle cases related to disputes over domain names, copyright infringement on software, internet-related piracy, etc.


It is impossible to protect an idea, no matter how creative it may be. However, once the idea is expressed in a specific form, it can be protected. Protecting your intellectual capital has become paramount.

We offer advice to a wide range of clients (national and international companies, publishers, copyright associations and individuals) on all aspects of intellectual property.

Our assistance ranges from drafting agreements to structuring and organizing intellectual property protection to conducting complex litigation.



Information and communication technology is constantly evolving. Speed and diversity are key aspects of remote selling. The Internet is the place to be where companies and consumers meet and conclude commercial transactions.

Our dedicated team maintains a forward-looking approach. We assist you in deploying electronic services and activities as well as in resolving subsequent disputes.


Given the continuous evolution of information and communication technology and its importance for every company, accurate legal assistance is of paramount importance. Our team provides assistance in drafting and negotiating agreements on all types of IT projects. We have long-standing experience in ICT and Internet related procedures.

IP due diligence

Companies (including SMEs) are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of intellectual property when it comes to realize growth, to raise capital and to make profit. Every business should make a list of its intellectual assets and should estimate all possible risks.

Our dedicated team works closely with our clients to develop the appropriate IP due diligence strategy in view of future IP transactions.

Media & Entertainment

Media law is a legal field that encompasses regulations pertaining to freedom of communication and mass communication technology. This field of law is characterized by the tension between freedom of expression and information and the need for discipline and control of the media.

We provide advisory services to well-known artists and other clients active in television, radio, film, performing arts, digital media, etc. 

Social media

Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others have become commonplace nowadays. Companies, which are currently not yet present on social media platforms, are at risk of falling behind compared to competitors who have embraced social media for their marketing strategy.

The use of social media sure has positive effects, but also involves substantial risks for companies. Can an employer be held liable for his employee’s tweets, for example? Can operators of social media be held responsible for the content published on their platform?

Our dedicated team has an extensive experience in all legal aspects of social media.

Trademarks and patents / counterfeiting

Trademark law provides protection against competitors who might want to take advantage of the goodwill of your brand. To obtain solid protection, a trademark registration requires a well-advised approach. It is essential to seek a prior opinion on your brand’s distinctive assets, its classification, etc. Our dedicated team works closely with our clients to establish an appropriate registration strategy. It is equally important to take legal action against trademark infringements. Our assistance covers the legal and commercial aspects of these proceedings.


A patent grants you a temporary exclusive exploitation right for an invention. This gives the patent holder an exclusive right to sell or license his products or technologies. Therefore, patents have a significant value. The number of transactions involving patents has notably increased. We advise our clients on how to protect and enforce their rights and we assist them in the event of patent infringement cases.

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