Administrative law

Administrative law or governmental law describes the rules by which the authorities must abide when making decisions on land use, environment, immigration, civil servant status, public procurement, to mention but a few.


Companies and public authorities as well as individuals are confronted with administrative issues.


You can find more information about the major subdivisions of this branch of law below.


Assistance in case of catastrophes, offences against town planning and environmental laws

  • advice and procedural assistance in case of town planning offences
  • assistance during criminal investigation or defence before criminal court after summons for offences against environmental and town planning laws

Country and town planning

  • advice and assistance in applying for land development, regularization and town planning permits
  • procedural assistance related to permit disputes
  • drafting of objections during public inquiries regarding urban/provincial/regional spatial implementation plans

European Civil Servant Law

European civil servant law sets out the rules regulating the situation of European officials and civil servants.

Our dedicated team provides assistance in the preparation of appeals, petitions, written and oral pleadings, and provides advice after judgement and appeal.


  • legality assessment of an imminent or already-taken expropriation decision
  • legal protection against an expropriation threat
  • appeal against expropriation decisions
  • assistance in case of judicial expropriation
  • negotiations with the purchasing committee in view of an amicable acquisition
  • calculation of a fair expropriation compensation taking into account all relevant factors to achieve full compensation (i.e. intrinsic value, suitability value, affective value, reinvestment allowance, interest on arrears, temporary or permanent disturbance of possession, etc.)


The Belgian Gambling Act defines which type of gambling establishments may be operated, sets out the rules for obtaining a permit, supervising and creates measures to protect players, etc. Both upon their foundation and during their operation, gambling establishments may face legal hurdles. 

Our dedicated team offers support in the event of procedures before the Gambling Commission. They also provide assistance when these issues result in a criminal offence investigation.

General administrative law

Our dedicated administrative law team provides advice and assistance on:

  • procedures before the Belgian Council of State, the Council for Permit Disputes, the County Council (“Bestendige Deputatie/Députation Permanente”)
  • negotiations with local authorities
  • disputes with the government
  • government contracts
  • government agencies and inter-municipal associations
  • public-private partnership (PPP)
  • civil service law

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