Construction law

Construction law combines the legal rules dealing with matters relating to building construction and many related fields.

Our dedicated team of lawyers provide advice and assistance to a wide selection of clients: from building owners, contractors, architects, developers, manufacturers, distributors of building materials, geometric estimators, to engineering consultants, engineering companies, real estate agents, supervisory bodies, insurers (including construction risk coverage), governments, etc.

The covered subjects are equally wide-ranging:

  • purchase/sale, construction of real estate;
  • contracting;
  • purchase off the plan;
  • ownership, usufruct, property, superficies, leasehold;
  • (management of) co-ownership;
  • rent, lease;
  • financing of real estate projects;
  • real estate leasing;
  • property certificates;
  • mortgages;
  • tender process and allocation;
  • expropriation; 
  • expert investigation;
  • contracts: architecture contract, administration warrant, warrant of sale, real estate mediation, safety coordination.


Construction law disputes

Sometimes difficulties cannot be anticipated or arise after a length of time. In these cases, the assistance of a lawyer is essential due to the abundance of rules and procedures. Our dedicated construction law team relies on its vast expertise in guiding you through these procedures.

  • support when construction defaults occur
  • declaration of default
  • recovery of unpaid invoices and fees
  • negotiations and amicable settlements
  • initiation and support during amicable negotiations or legal proceedings
  • organisation of and support during amicable or court-ordered expert’s assessments
  • assistance before extrajudicial institutions (Construction reconciliation Commission, Coordinating Arbitration Council, …)

Prevention and advice in the field of construction law

We endeavour to offer preventive support in order to avoid disputes:

  • advice on various issues
  • drafting and checking of contracts (architecture contract, contractor’s agreement, building and planting agreement, sales agreement, …)
  • assistance during the performance of works, on completion of the works and checking of the accounts
  • assistance and advice on bid adjudication procedures (e.g. non-observance of the terms and conditions for adjudication)
  • assistance with requests (soil certificates, town planning permit, …) and appeal procedures
  • ...

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