Criminal law & fraud

Criminal law is becoming increasingly important in our society, both for individuals and businesses. The same applies to fraud and the fight against it. This requires a customized approach.


Our dedicated criminal law team provides advice and assistance regarding criminal investigations and litigation, sentence implementation and penal mediation. We also handle appeals in cassation and proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights.


Not only individuals suspected of or prosecuted for criminal offences, but also victims of these acts can rely on our assistance. This also applies to companies or institutions.


Because our office is well versed in other legal subject areas besides criminal law, we are able to assist our clients in almost all aspects of criminal law which are related to other fields of law such as traffic law, social law, tax law and corporate law, to name but a few.


We offer our clients proactive advice on the implementation of a prevention policy in order to avoid criminal risks.


Court of Cassation and ECHR

We advise our clients whether or not it is expedient to file an appeal with the court of cassation and offer assistance when proceedings are held before this court. We also provide assistance before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Disciplinary procedures

Our law firm is experienced in providing assistance in the event of proceedings on the grounds of alleged deontology infringements before:

  • the Order of Physicians
  • the Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants
  • the Institute for Auditors


Economic criminal law

Our dedicated law teams are closely working together. We have established a solid reputation in handling cases of economic nature. We provide advice and assistance to legal entities and private individuals on the following subjects:

  • tax fraud (tax forgery, taw law and VAT law violation, …)
  • financial crimes (abuse of company resources, organization of insolvency, active and passive bribery, …)
  • money laundering
  • criminal liability of legal entities
  • offences related to the state of bankruptcy



Fraud and the fight against it require more and more attention. Not only individuals are involved in criminal law proceedings, but also companies. Companies, and their directors, may be held criminally liable and criminal proceedings can be taken against them. The structure of a company and its policy are of essence. We offer advice to companies to set out an appropriate policy on the prevention or regularization of criminal and/or fraud risks.

General criminal law

Our dedicated criminal law team calls upon its years of experience to provide assistance to victims of, or people prosecuted for criminal offences. We handle a wide variety of cases, among which:

  • crimes and offences against individuals (causing physical damage, homicide, human trafficking, stalking, …)
  • indecency offences (indecent assault, rape, …)
  • crimes and offences against property (theft, extortion, fraud, destruction, …)
  • drug law violations
  • public trust violations (forgery, counterfeiting, IT forgery, perjury, …)
  • ...


Police interrogations

Since the Salduz Act came into force, a suspect must be able to consult a lawyer at his first interrogation. We strongly recommend using this possibility. Our dedicated criminal law team is specialized in providing this type of assistance.

Social criminal law

Our law firm is highly experienced in handling cases in the field of social criminal law. We provide advice and assistance to legal entities and individuals on the following subjects:

  • social fraud
  • working time violations
  • undeclared work
  • terms of employment violations
  • social security violations
  • violations regarding social documents


Traffic criminal law

  • criminal defence in the case of a summons to police court
  • to act on behalf of civil parties
  • filing a claim (e.g. after a traffic accident, …)
  • ...

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