Family property law

In recent years, many Belgians are actively seeking out the most beneficial and efficient way to optimally protect their carefully constructed assets. Our dedicated family property law team offers a tailor-made answer to all questions relating to the organization and transfer of assets, both during life and after death. Our law firm also draws on a wealth of experience regarding the transfer of family businesses to the next generation.


This interdisciplinary team has all the necessary knowledge to advise and assist you in all aspects of estate planning. Whether it be at private law level (marriage contracts, donations, wills, ...), company law level (holding, foundation, partnership, ...) or tax law level (usufruct, leasehold estate, superficies, ...). You can always count on a customized solution.


This field of law requires keeping close track of the latest developments. To this end, NG contributed in creating a discussion platform, called the “Estate Planning Skill Group (EPSG) Flemish Brabant”, founded in 2011. This platform offers professionals the chance to share their experiences, know-how and ideas about estate planning.


Estate planning is also closely related to inheritance law, (avoiding) inheritance taxes and disputes that arise from an inheritance. Our lawyers expertly handle all questions and issues arising both before and after death, ranging from an inheritance statement to court proceedings regarding estate settlement and division.


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Donations and wills

We offer you advice on how to assign beneficiaries, both in life and after death. We listen to your specific situation, your needs and expectations. From thereon we work out a suitable solution: whether it be by means of a will, donation, assigning beneficiaries on investment products, etc.

Estate planning

Our dedicated team offers advice on the appropriate asset structure in order to achieve the desired tax optimization. This could be a company, holding company, private foundation, trust, … We also assist you with a variety of transactions regarding real estate property (purchase, sale, funding, donations, usufruct, lease, superficies, patrimonial companies, ...) or movable investments (companies, holding companies, investment insurances, art, etc.). 

Family business

Family assets are more and more often incorporated in partnerships and companies. Our dedicated family property law team strives to find the best solution for your assets and the management of your family business through appropriate governance structures and family charters. We help our clients to create and manage their family business and to transfer their business to the next generation.

Inheritance law

If disputes or problems arise after a person’s death, we are glad to be of assistance. We help you with the inheritance statement or we offer you assistance during court proceedings on the settlement and division of the estate. 

Matrimonial property law

The choice between a marriage regime and cohabitation regime has a clear impact on your assets. We offer prior advice on which regime to choose and help you with all specific arrangements relating to the regime of your choice. Our dedicated team can also offer you assistance in case of divorce and regarding your estate settlement or division.

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