Labour & social law

This field of law includes both labour law (individual and collective labour relations and all forms of autonomous cooperation) and social security law (including the regulation of expenses and replacement incomes for both employees and the self-employed).


Our team offers advice and guidance to employers, employees and the self-employed and provides active assistance in case of negotiations or disputes concerning employment regulations (working time, special working arrangements, etc.), employment agreements (including commercial representation, student contracts and first job agreements), cooperation agreements, temporary work, telework, cross-border employment, compensation, severance and termination of every possible form of cooperation.


We also have the required expertise to deal with pay and personnel costs, well-being at work, issues relating to protected employees, time credit and parental leave.


Clients often call upon our team to follow up on social inspections, to consult with trade union organizations and to organize multiple or collective redundancies.


Finally, our dedicated team is well versed in matters such as pension issues, incapacity for work and disability, disputes with the NIHDI (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance) or the FPS for Social Security, unemployment and (pseudo) self-employment. 



Labour law - advice and procedures

We assist our clients with all possible issues and/or procedures related to labour law:

  • individual labour relations (termination and redundancy, working time, pay and compensation, parental leave, time credit, work permit, secondment, commercial representation, student contracts, …)
  • collective labour relations (social consultation, collective redundancies, multiple redundancies, (corporate) collective labour agreements, creation of an employees council and/or committee on prevention and protection at work, …)
  • drafting of/ advice on documents regarding labour law (employment agreements, cooperation agreements, restraint of trade clause, company rules, agreement on termination of the employment agreement with mutual consent, …)
  • pseudo self-employment
  • voluntary work

Social inspection

We support and advise companies, employers and the self-employed in case of a social inspection and we accompany our clients during proceedings and investigations related to social criminal law enforcement and observance, e.g.:

  • social fraud
  • violations regarding working hours
  • undeclared employment (Dimona, Limosa, …)
  • infringement of working terms and conditions
  • violations regarding social documents
  • violations regarding the social security system
  • … 

Social law

We assist our clients with all possible issues and/or procedures related to social law:

  • well-being at work (bullying at work, safety and hygiene, …)
  • pension issues
  • industrial accidents and occupational diseases
  • incapacity for work
  • subjection to the social security system (National Social Security Office – NSSO and National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-Employed - NISSE)
  • unemployment regulations (National Employment Office - NEO)

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