Personal & family law

When you are facing a family-related legal issue, you’re not only looking for answers to many legal questions. But also for someone who listens. At Nelissen Grade we will listen to your story.


Our years of legal experience are enhanced by a genuine empathy for your situation.


We always try to strike a good balance between mediation, negotiation and legal proceedings. We offer our services of advice and assistance in the following cases: 


Family law

  • descent and adoption (definition of descent, disputed descent, recognition, …)
  • normal adoption and full adoption
  • child custody
  • parental authority and residence arrangements (parental authority, right to personal contact)
  • maintenance obligations (towards the children, underage or of age, the ex-partner, other family members)
  • cohabitation, marriage
  • divorce (urgent and temporary measures, divorce and temporary measures in summary proceedings)
  • international private law
  • ...

Liquidation and distribution

  • upon divorce
  • after legal cohabitation
  • after factual cohabitation
  • ...

Personal law

  • status and capacity of a person
  • name
  • nationality
  • personality rights
  • protection status like declaration of legal incapacity, legal counsellor, extended legal minority, provisional administration, …)

Youth law

  • problematic upbringing or child rearing situations
  • offences committed by a minor

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