Sports law

In sports, we want only one thing: being the best.


This applies just as much to the lawyers of this dedicated team, who are highly experienced in representing the interests of numerous athletes, teams and clubs in various sports (racing, football, basketball, table tennis, tennis, jumping, volleyball, sailing ...). Sometimes, the interests of athletes and clubs may even be highly conflicting.


Whether practised at amateur or professional level, dozens of rules and regulations apply: federal and regional, national and international.


We provide our services to all type of sports-related clients: sport practitioners, amateurs, sports agents, sports clubs, sports federations and government.


We try to avoid disputes as much as possible through a proactive approach. We look beyond mere sports law (asset management, tax advice, employment law, incorporation of companies, ...) in order to handle as smoothly as possible the at-times complex relationships between professional athletes and sponsors or media.


All members of our dedicated sports law team combine their legal expertise with their passion for sports. Our team provides for an entire legal framework. This way, athletes, teams and clubs can focus on one single thing ... being the best!


Amateur sports

We offer our services to professional athletes as well as amateur practitioners. At present, many sports federations do not, or insufficiently, protect amateur athletes. Hence, professional assistance can make a world of difference. 

Doping use in sports

The battle against doping in sports is becoming increasingly important for national and international sports authorities. The anti-doping legislation applies to individual athletes and clubs as well as physicians and caregivers. They may face prosecution, when offences are committed.

Our dedicated team handles the disciplinary legal proceedings before the competent sporting authorities in such cases. If the case is brought before criminal court, our clients may rely on the expertise of our dedicated criminal law team.

Procedural assistance in sports cases

Assistance and defence before various authorities, including:

  • sports courts (national and international)
  • sports authorities (national and international)
  • sports arbitrage (for example, the Belgian Court of Arbitration for Sports)
  • civil courts
  • commercial courts
  • labour courts
  • criminal courts
  • … 


Sponsorship is quintessential to the subsistence of many athletes. The agreements between sponsors and athletes should be laid down in solid contracts. Our dedicated teams work closely together to maximally protect the athlete’s rights.

Sports disciplinary procedures

Supervision during disciplinary procedures for alleged violations before all kinds of disciplinary authorities, including:

  • the provincial committees, the Sports Committee and the Appeal Committee of the RBFA
  • the Disciplinary Board of the Flemish Basketball League
  • the Disciplinary Committees of the Royal Belgian Swimming Federation

Tax status of professional athletes

Professional athletes have a special tax status. A favourable tax regime applies to an athlete's income. However legislation on this subject is often complex and many exceptions are involved.


Therefore, we provide comprehensive advice on income tax optimization for athletes.


Transfer regulation is becoming increasingly complex: not only do national rules and procedures apply, but also certain rules can be imposed by the international sports organization. It is sometimes difficult to reconcile international and national regulation. Moreover, it should be taken into account that national jurisprudence isn’t always aligned with international jurisprudence.


Our dedicated sports law team helps clubs, professional athletes and amateur athletes to see the forest for the trees. We offer them assistance with national or international transfers in various types of sports.

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