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A day in the life of Wouter, trainee lawyer in corporate law

Meet Wouter Hermans, trainee lawyer in corporate law at Nelissen Grade. He graduated in law one year ago and has been working as a lawyer for about nine months. Why law? The variety, without a doubt! From presenting a good argument in court to assisting with expertise or preparing solid legal advice. Want to know what a day in his life looks like? Read more.

Morning routine | Cycling to the Phillips site
Get up, shower and leave for work: that is a brief summary of Wouter's morning ritual. This trainee lawyer lives in Leuven and chooses to cycle instead of drive in the mornings. After an invigorating ten-minute bike ride, he arrives at the Nelissen Grade office at the Phillips site. A quick hello to his colleagues, and the working day can begin. But first, coffee, and Wouter prefers it black.

Business kick-off | Urgent files get priority
Wouter starts each day by checking his mailbox. Any urgent questions or issues are dealt with first, as are the more intensive tasks in a file. Drafting a conclusion, developing complex legal arguments, difficulties with the takeover of a company or legal conflicts about commercial leases, etc. The variation makes the morning fly by.

Lunch break | A quick meal with the team
At noon, Wouter meets up with colleagues for a lunch break. If the weather is good, the lawyers enjoy an outdoor break in the green surroundings around the office. They grab a sandwich, go for a short walk or chat with colleagues. After the break, Wouter returns to his desk with renewed energy, ready for the next item on his to-do list!

Afternoon focus | From sending reminders to attending consultations
At Nelissen Grade, trainee lawyers work in a spacious open office, right behind the reception area. The big advantage is the immediate proximity of colleagues. In complex cases, Wouter can always turn to other lawyers with experience in the field. Consultations are also part of his job. It’s highly informative because as a trainee lawyer, you quickly learn to translate theory into practice.

After work | Office drinks or catching up with housemates
Full-focus work and learning require plenty of relaxation after hours. After a busy workday, Wouter flips the switch and likes to go for a drink with friends or colleagues, or challenge friends on the padel court—the ultimate sporting release. After an enjoyable evening, Wouter returns to the flat he shares with friends. There he finds the space to not talk about law for a while and ends the evening quietly. Ready for a new workday!

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