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Nelissen Grade Hasselt: strong local roots in Limburg

Nelissen Grade's roots may be in Leuven, but we are a nationally renowned law firm and work for a diverse clientele spread all over Belgium. We have seen a growth spurt in Limburg over the past few decades, specifically in professional legal services in corporate and business law. Opening a new branch in Hasselt – close to our clients – was, therefore, a logical next step.

Organic growth together with our clients
Over the few years, more and more clients from Limburg have found their way to Nelissen Grade. We have built lasting partnerships with companies in and around Hasselt looking for a legal sounding board to help them run and expand their business. Our private clientele in Limburg has also grown steadily in recent years. To provide even better assistance, we opened an office in Hasselt on Herkenrodesingel in September 2021. Centrally located and stylishly furnished, with bright meeting rooms and large windows: Nelissen Grade Hasselt is the ideal reception and meeting location for our loyal clientele in Limburg.

A law firm with a wide range of expertise
As a nationally renowned firm, Nelissen Grade is known in the corporate landscape for its in-depth knowledge of business and corporate law. Promising start-ups, growing SMEs or ambitious corporates: our lawyers support numerous legal issues, both nationally and abroad. Our lawyers also advise individuals on a wide range of personal cases, from family law to inheritance law and criminal law to traffic law. We do so as legal experts but also as confidants. Our accessible, straightforward approach to cases means that we can move swiftly, especially when your situation demands it.

Professional springboard for start-ups
Nelissen Grade assists seasoned companies in (inter)national cases and is the legal right-hand for start-ups that are gearing up for a growth spurt. Capital injections, takeovers, intellectual property rights, employment contracts, etc. Our corporate lawyers welcome ambitious start-ups that want to take things up a notch. We offer legal advice at affordable rates and make our break-out rooms and meeting rooms available free of charge. This way, we not only work for, but also alongside and amongst our clientele. It's inspiring to go through this growth trajectory together!

Are you looking for a dedicated lawyer in Limburg?

Nelissen Grade offers a legal sounding board in a variety of legal domains. Please get in touch for a no-obligation introductory meeting with experts at our Hasselt office.

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