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Trainee lawyer Sara Dizdarevic on crossovers between corporate and tax law

Meet Sara Dizdarevic, a trainee corporate and tax law lawyer at Nelissen Grade. Sara is well into her second successful year of internship. Her main driver is the combination between corporate and tax law and the crossovers in cases. We look back on the past year at Nelissen Grade and her goal of becoming an even better negotiator. Read on!

“The mix of corporate law and tax law appealed to me instantly.”
Sara began her internship at Nelissen Grade in October 2021. She was looking for a law firm where she could specialise in both tax law and corporate law. During her studies, it quickly became apparent that both branches of law offer interesting common ground.

“I started a bilingual bachelor of law programme. That taught me to express myself legally in both Dutch and French. My focus later shifted to corporate law, and I opted for a master's degree in economic law at KU Leuven. My love of tax law remained strong, however, and I decided to do a second master's in tax law in French at ULB. When a vacancy at Nelissen Grade came up online for both branches of law, I didn't hesitate for a second.”

“The best thing about crossovers is that you see tax problems in corporate cases and vice versa.”
At Nelissen Grade, the tax law and business law expert groups work together regularly. For example, Sara often handles tax issues in corporate law cases and vice versa.

“That can be anything from corporate mergers, the contribution of assets to a corporation, estate planning or real estate transactions. My favourite cases are those with an international aspect. For example, we seek to guide clients to avoid or reverse double taxation and advise on the repatriation of foreign capital. These are fascinating cases!”

“My challenge at Nelissen Grade: honing my negotiating skills”
For Sara, 2023 is all about growing and continuing to learn—primarily in the area of negotiation. How do you reach a solution that both parties can get behind? What amount can you go to without deterring the other party?

“Nelissen Grade fully supports me in my growth journey. The partners really take the time to mentor trainee lawyers. They teach us to approach a case practically and step by step, from initial consultation to punctual follow-up. The atmosphere within the law firm is also great. The firm has many young lawyers, meaning that trainees always have someone to turn to for a chat, lunch, or after-work drinks—a big plus!”

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