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Support and advice in plain language. Nelissen Grade offers compassionate legal assistance in the event of death.

he loss of a loved one is a traumatic event. Besides emotional consequences, death gives rise to many practical and legal issues. When is a bank account unblocked after death? How much inheritance tax is due? What about monetary gifts while still living? The lawyers at Nelissen Grade know the legal issues thoroughly and will assist you personally in both civil and tax matters.

Lawyer as confidant
As a surviving relative, you need time to grieve. Yet administrative obligations must be followed up promptly and correctly, such as drawing up the certificate of inheritance or filing the declaration of inheritance.

While relatives often consult a notary, it is best to enlist the expertise of an experienced lawyer as early as possible. This will not only allow you to be more efficient but will also ensure that your case is followed up with the necessary expertise, with special attention to your unique family situation.

‘When a death occurs, emotions take precedence over reason, that is normal. A lawyer will take the practical burden off your shoulders, request all documents and follow the timing precisely. That allows you to grieve in peace.’
– Jan Stijns, NG partner

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Estate planning: about division, taxes and probate
Good agreements on inheritance provide long-term peace of mind. Proactive advice, therefore, is one of our core values. Nelissen Grade is ready to meet you and discuss your current assets and family situation.

What happens to your accounts and family home after death if you do not make any arrangements? Who are your heirs, can you disinherit someone? Together, we will go through all the options and make arrangements that best suit your wishes and needs. In plain language and cost-effectively, so that your heirs pay as little inheritance tax as possible later.

’There’s a misconception that estate planning is only necessary when millions are involved. That’s not true: a marriage contract, a handwritten will, a care proxy, … Small actions often make the difference.’
– Jan Stijns, NG partner

Organise your estate and avoid conflicts with an inheritance agreement
Since 1 September 2018, it has been possible to make agreements on a future inheritance under certain conditions. For example, a per capita inheritance agreement offers the possibility to make specific arrangements regarding certain family members. A per stirpes inheritance agreement or living trust allows parents to enter into an inheritance agreement together or separately with all likely downstream heirs, such as children, grandchildren and stepchildren.

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